Re-entry Plan 2020-2021

June 28, 2020

CSCN schools re-entry update

Dear parents,

I am sharing preliminary plans for our school board’s re-entry protocol for students returning in September 2020. Alberta Education recently provided details of the conditions required to be put in place for students before the next return to school. Having this information means we can start setting up operations, which can be reviewed over the summer months as more details are provided by the province. In this letter, we present the major points that must be considered as we put together our re-entry protocol.

It is important to mention that CSCN schools follow the guidelines set out by government public health agencies (Alberta Health Services) and the education ministry (Alberta Education). The major points included in the scenarios set out by the ministry can be found in the following documents:

Ministry re-entry plan

Ministry guide scenario 1

Ministry guide scenario 2

There is also a scenario 3, which concerns remote learning at home, as was the case in our region from March to June 2020. When we look at the recommendations for scenarios 1 and 2, there is not that much difference in their approaches and how they consider variables. Alberta Education is asking school boards to be ready to transition from one scenario to another as required. In response to scenarios 1 and 2, as proposed by the ministry in June 2020, schools are collaborating to create a re-entry protocol that will ensure a smooth transition when summer holidays are over and school returns.

Using the ministry’s re-entry plan as our starting point, the CSCN now has a set of guiding principles for its own protocol. We present the major points of this protocol below, but we are aware that the situation is evolving and that new directives may be announced by the public health authorities. We may be called upon to change the protocol in future.

To read the full letter and find out more about the re-entry plan for CSCN, please click here

We recognize that the COVID-19 situation is evolving rapidly. We also recognize that the next school re-entry will require major adjustments to the lives of families and students.

Robert Lessard